Coach Michael
Hello! I’m Coach Michael. I’m twenty-one years old and have lived in Texas my whole life. My passion for swimming started ten years ago. I’ve been on many competitive teams such as Nitro, Waterloo, Aquatex, and the Round Rock high school swim team. I’ve been a swim coach for 2 years and have enjoyed every second of it! I currently coach the Homeschool Hurricanes swim team at the Twin Lakes YMCA. I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and am also working on getting my USA Coaching Certification. I’m looking forward to a great summer season!

Stroke Specialist

Ms. Alicia
Ms. Alicia has loved the water since she was able to walk. She has been privileged to venture outside the United States and provide education in academics, aquatics, and performing arts fields to students from African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and North American cultures. Summer 2013 was when Ms. Alicia earned her American Red Cross water safety swim instructor certificate and began her journey as a swim instructor at the YMCAs in both Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Cedar Park, Texas. Her passion for swim teaching encouraged her to begin her own small independent summer swim business, Vossler Private Swim Lessons, with the mission to teach swim safety skills and basic technique to the hill country community members. This upcoming summer 2022 has now offered Ms. Alicia a new year’s adventure as a stroke specialist with Lago Vista Aquatics swim team. She is thankful to be a first-year team member for the Lago Vista community. 



My name is Ally and will graduate in the class of 2023.  I have been swimming year round since I was 7. I lived in the Houston area and competed in the GULF LSC for 8.5 years. I moved to Lago in 2021 and have been swimming for Nitro since. I am currently preparing for college level swimming. When I am not at the pool, I love to spend my time outside and on the lake. I look forward to seeing what this summer brings!

Junior Coach

My love for swimming began when my parents enrolled me in swim lessons when we first moved to Lago Vista 8 years ago. I was so excited to hear that the Lago Vista Aquatics had a swim team and I joined in 2019. Unfortunately, because of COVID we couldn’t have a team during the summer of 2020 but the summer of 2021 we made a comeback. I spent most of my evenings assisting with the bronze group and then going to my own practice with the gold team. I am so excited to share what a joy swimming has been for me.

Swim Mentor

Lillian is 14 and began swimming with the Tidal Waves in 2018. When the mentor program was introduced in 2021, she jumped at the chance to help new teammates learn their strokes. In her spare time, she loves to participate in long-distance running and theatre.

Swim Mentor

My first foray into swimming was when I was 6 months old, learning basic water safety and survival at Emler Swim School. I began swimming with Lago Vista Aquatics in 2015. After four years of swimming competitively, I began assisting our Head Coach with the instruction of all 4 swim strokes to our younger teammates. When I’m not swimming, I’m tutoring kids in math and language arts, helping my mother with her business and working toward my 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo at Lago Vista ATA.

Swim Mentor

Hello, my name is Natalie and I have been a competitive swimmer since 2012 (10 years). Last summer I swam on the Typhoons swim team in Cedar Park and also the local swim team, Lago Vista Aquatics. I plan to continue swimming on both teams this summer. I look forward to teaching the kids and helping them to become better swimmers!

Swim Mentor

I’m Scarlett, and I’m 15. I’ve been swimming most of my life, but have recently started swimming competitively when I moved from California to Lago Vista in late 2020. When I’m not in the water, I’ll be drawing, reading, or voice acting. I also enjoy riding my bike, and though I don’t avidly practice martial arts anymore, I am a first degree black belt in hapkido. I’m excited to spread my love for swimming with others this summer!