Parent/guardian participation is required at meets

Announces first, second, and final calls for each event. Works closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly. The announcer will need to anticipate flow based on the number of swimmers, the stroke, the number of lengths to be swum, and the age of the swimmers. 

Stands at the designated check-in desk with a list of the meet swimmers to check off their names as they arrive onsite.

Sells concessions at the home meet to help raise money for the swim team. Helps set up and tear down concession stand. Assigned to work for one half of the meet.

Supervises the swimmers during meets, marks arms of swimmers with event/heat/lane, keeps track of swimmers – as best as they reasonably can – between events, and gets swimmers to the ready bench on time with caps and goggles. For most age groups, several parents will share this job. This position is obviously more important for the younger swimmers.

Organizes and briefs the Lane Timers on their duties prior to the meet and is in charge of the lane timers throughout the meet. The head timer has the authority to remove and replace any lane timer, with the approval of the home meet director. Previous experience required for this position.

Records the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there are two timers for each lane. Both times are recorded and the average time becomes the official time. This job gives you the best view of the pool and the swimmers during their races.

Using the provided heat sheet, Ready Bench volunteers line the swimmers up in the correct event, heat, and lane and take them to their correct positions at the end of the lanes for their event.

Sets up the pool area for the swim meet. Moves deck chairs, announcer stand and ready bench. Sets up backstroke flags.

Starts each event with the announcement of the age and stroke and the words “SWIMMERS TAKE YOUR MARK”, pauses to make sure that all swimmers are motionless, and then gives an electronic sound or a blast of a whistle. He/She shall be the sole judge of FALSE STARTS and all false starts shall be restarted. This individual must be trained for this position.

Work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of a pair being from each team. Judges only rule on infractions on their side of the pool. They observe strokes, turns, and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke. Training is required for this position.

During the last few minutes of a meet the crew begins taking down and storing items in preparation for vacating the pool immediately after the meet.